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713 West Lakeshore Drive
Colchester, VT 05446
Call/Text (802) 243-0074
Fax: (802) 862-0133
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Mon. – Fri. 7AM – 7PM
Saturday 7AM – 6PM
Sunday 7AM – 4PM
General Manager: Brian Baird
Store Manager: Peter Casselman


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In August 2000, Rick Bibens purchased our second store in northern Vermont, Lakeshore Hardware & Marine, now known as Bibens Ace Colchester. This 10,000 sq. ft. store, located on Mallets Bay overlooking beautiful Lake Champlain, provides easy lakeside access  for all of our marine customers.

As one of the only locally-owned hardware stores in the area, we offer all departments that you’ll find at any Ace Hardware. Our Colchester location is unique in that we offer a full line of hunting, fishing, and marine items, complete with live bait and Vermont state hunting and fishing licenses. Bibens Ace Colchester is proud to continue the tradition of generations past for those who come back time and time again for the same goods, year after year.

What sets us apart from the big-box retailers? We listen to our customers every day on the items they need or request. Through the backing of our distribution center with over 65,000 items and our four sister stores, we go out of our way to accommodate our customers’ needs. We’re our own buyers and we can get items here within a week, if not sooner. Few other retailers can match that combination. We’re happy to help you in any way we can, continuing the tradition of the helpful place with a family face.

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