Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Take a look below to see what our customers are saying about us!


“My local lifesaver.” – Google – Jeremy Hudson

“Bibens is everything you could want in a hardware store.” – Google – John Curtis

“I am a frequent customer of the Essex and Colchester stores and have to tell you how much I appreciate the customer service and the local feel.  It’s such a great experience in comparison with a trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Your employees are very knowledgeable.” Letter – Jeff LaBonte

“Our local Ace (Colchester) is always the place to go. They know our names. They provide a service…that you can’t find at other bigger box store Hardware stores. They go out of their way to hep you solve problems and come up with ingenious solutions. They have incredible staff, who are like old friends, who actually care. Sense of humor and cheerful too.” – Customer Engagement Survey – anonymous

“Great locally owned store. The staff go the extra mile for their customers.” – Google – Brennan Martin

“Amazing family owned business that celebrates Community. Amazing staff.” – FacebookJohn MacDonald

“Hardware stores should all be like [Brown & Roberts Ace.]  Helpful staff and just about everything you could need.” – Google – Alice io Oglesby

“Friendly and helpful service! Box stores have nothing on these guys.” Google – Jeremy Hudson

“Ace is 100% the place! Only hardware store I know of that actually has knowledgeable staff! Thank you for the brainstorming help in the past and future!” – FacebookBen Colbourn

“Great hardware store with great service. [Bibens Ace Colchester] is my first stop when I need something from a hardware store and they have really surprised me when they have some unusual item that I’m looking for. Excellent store, I highly recommend stopping here for all your needs.” – Google – David Bogue

“If they don’t have it you probably don’t need! Great store with great helpful service!” – FacebookPatrick Leonard

“With exceptional staff help, we found everything on our project list. Top notch service.” – Google – Tom Helmstutler

“You can’t get better support and knowledge from any big box outlet.” – Google – James Bruce

“Everyone is always so helpful and makes me feel hometown love!!” – Customer Engagement Survey – anonymous

 “Locally owned and great discounts for rewards members.” – Google – Philipp Foerster

Brown and Roberts is the classic small town hardware store. Has everything you need. It has the benefits of being associated with a national franchise, but still maintains the feel of its roots as an independent store. Lawn mower repair, plexiglass cut to size, house paint mixed to order, wooden drawers with various sizes of cork, friendly staff…what else could you want?” – FacebookJohn Steven Gurney

“Nicely stocked Ace Hardware. One of those ‘if we don’t have it, you don’t need it’ kind of hardware stores.” – Google – Tony Krch

“…What more could you want from a small town hardware store???” – Facebook – Sandi Rudski Capponcelli

“I really like the personal help the staff provides. I have known them for years, and trust their advice. Prices are very competitive, and convenience is a bonus!” – GoogleLea Terhune

“The difference from a place like this ACE to [other brands] is evident when you visit this store. Being personally greeted and being able to talk to experts is a big difference!” – Google – Matt Ronco

“Been going there for years very nice knowledgeable people if they don’t have it they can order it for you, and they are very knowledgeable, local people. Enjoy shopping there.” – Google – George Ryan

“Best hardware store of anywhere I’ve been!…Can’t wait to visit on my next trip east.” – FacebookTerry Manley

“The best of a small town hardware store. I get great help with my questions and tips.” – Google – Nia Shadowstalker

Brown & Roberts is an amazing place to shop for All your hardware needs. They have the Most helpful staff who go out of their was to assist people like me…” – FacebookScott Whitehill

“Alway good help. All questions answered.  Very knowledgeable, friendly and problem solving people at [Woodstock Ace Home & Hardware.]” Google Iain Fletcher

“Shopping here for home repair needs is so easy, with great selection and a crew that is actively available to help and is knowledgeable about their products.” – Google – Peter Jacobsen

“A place that has everything.” – Google – Ron Monroe