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Valspar Color Guarantee

  • Valspar has a program set up to give money back on a purchase of paint if they don’t like the color (no impact on retailer) – no other paint program offers this
    • Valspar will reimburse for up to 2 gallons of first color purchased
    • Only interior and gallon paints eligible (and doesn’t cover labor)
    • Can only be taken advantage of once a year per household
    • Customer should not return paint to the store, first color is theirs to keep
    • 60 days from date of purchase to decide (make sure to keep receipt)
    • Return to ACE and purchase another Valspar color
    • Keep receipts to submit for reimbursement
    • Take photo of original and new colors side by side on the wall
    • Complete online rebate form at
      • can be submitted by mail or online
      • must be received within 60 days of replacement purchase
      • must submit both purchase receipts and photo
      • refund check of original purchase amount will arrive in the mail within 60 days of submission
      • all is processed through and by Valspar, this it NOT an ACE program


  • Customers can try out a small amount of the actual color (or a variety)
  • Provides a $5 coupon to use on their purchase of the final color (encourages them to try a sample, but also to return to purchase their paint to receive a discount)
  • Can explain this another way – sample is basically free when they come back and buy their paint since they get $5 off on paint purchase upon return


Choosing Product: (start with best paint)\

  • All are paint and primer in one
  • Titanium dioxide – more expensive, bright white, better quality/coverage
  • New colorants are lower odor, helps with blocking, better color (bolder/brighter), better hide
  • Dark and very bright colors often need a bit more work to cover as they are mixed in neutral bases that are a bit more transparent (allowing for more colorant to be added) 

Valspar Optimus

  • best quality
  • anti-fade – even in direct sunlight
  • easiest to apply (formulated for easier application) – feels less thick when using it
  • best for rolling
  • best flow level
  • best durability and scrubability
  • best coverage
  • best stain resistance
  • self-leveling formula
  • most crisp/sharp colors
  • zero VOC/low odor
  • almost 2X as thick as Royal line (2mL coverage/paint film when dry)

Valspar Aspire


  • long lasting color
  • nice finish
  • excellent coverage (more hide than with C&K)
  • zero VOC/lower odor
  • gaps between resins are smaller than with C&K – so better coverage