e-Cloth Chemical-Free Cleaning

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  • Founded in 1995 in Sweden and grew in popularity (all hospitals there are cleaned with them)
  • UK bought the technology and branded it e-cloth
  • began being sold in U.S. in 2008

What are they?

  • Made up of polyester and polyamide (nylon) fibers
  • Fibers are 1,000 times finer than cottons fibers (1/200th the diameter of a human hair) – the fibers are the smallest in the world that can be man made
  • 1 million fibers per sq. inch of cloth (compared to 20 thousand in other micro fiber cloths)
  • Hot water is like a magnet, and releases the bacteria when rinse and rung out (otherwise trapped inside the micro-fiber cloth)
  • Polishing rag should be used dry to polish/finish wiping off a surface, the others should be used wet
  • Chose as best cleaning product in 3 categories by Real Simple magazine – best all-around, best washable mop, and best scrubber

What are the benefits of using e-cloth?

  • Use just water, no chemicals (those that prefer a scent could add 1-part essential oil to 10-parts water in a spray bottle or the like)
  • No exposure to chemicals
  • No toxins/fumes
  • No allergic reactions
  • Clean better than chemicals with NO chemicals
  • All are non-scratch surfaces that will not leave behind scratches on your car, glass-top stoves, and even non-stick pans
  • Removes thick grease, grime, and first from all hard surfaces using just water
  • Remove 99% of bacteria from all hard surfaces, just using water (including E.coli and Listeria)
    • Tests showed that after a rinse with hot water, e-cloth reintroduced just .01% of bacteria back onto a sterile surface (tests used cloth 10x in a row, and continued to come up with the same 99%+ result)
  • Save money (reduce the use of chemicals, paper towels, and wipes by up to 90%)
  • Better for the environment – reduces pollution and minimizes use of natural resources

Caring for your e-cloth

  • Rinse using hot water under a faucet after each day use
  • Machine wash weekly with detergent in hot water, rinse well, tumble or air dry
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener – will deteriorate the fibers over time
  • If e-cloth loses performance, boil in a sauce pan

e-cloth Guarantee

  • Most e-cloth products guaranteed for 300 washes (6 years of use with one machine wash per week!)
  • If ever an issue with the product, e-cloth will replace, no questions asked


General Purpose Cloth

  • Removes thick grease, grime, and bacteria with just water
  • The cloth to turn to for everyday use

Glass & Polishing Cloth

  • Use dry to finish the job, leaving shiny surfaces completely streak-free


  • Very plush, so holds a lot of water (great for sinks and countertops)

Washing-Up Pad

  • Original version of non-scratch pad with one side scouring and the other cloth

Window Cleaning pack

  • The light green cloth (with waffle-like knitting) should be used wet
  • Polishing cloth used to wipe dry after
  • Streak-free and lint-free finish

Kitchen Cleaning pack

  • General purpose cloth
  • Glass cleaning cloth
  • One corner of cloth has a scouring section woven in


  • Guaranteed to 100 washes (since the fibers are longer and even more delicate
  • Great for floors and walls
  • Don’t put in dryer (will deteriorate fibers)
  • You can bleach this cloth
  • Flexible head allows you to get around walls and tight spaces easily


  • Won “best re-usable mop”
  • Has been featured in all sorts of magazines and on tv shows
  • Great for pet accidents even
  • Again, just uses water – no chemicals
  • Extra head good to have if you’re mopping up large/multiple areas

Bathroom Cloth

  • General-purpose cloth, but more plush to handle more water

Stainless-Steel Cloth

  • General-purpose cloth, but with added harder, non-scratch strips
  • Also have longer, softer fibers to get into the cervices of brushed stainless steel
  • Easily removes smudges and fingerprints from surfaces

High-Performance Dusting Cloth/Glove

  • Can be used wet of dry
  • A dusting cloth, but with the micro-fiber, 99% bacterial removal properties
  • Extra-long fibers pull dirt and dust from small crevices
  • Cloth traps dust so well, it can’t be shaken off – must be washed out of the cloth

 Range/Stove-Top Cloth

  • General purpose cloth with short, stiff, non-scratch fiber strips for heavier duty, burnt on items
  • Glass polishing cloth is great to use to finish off these tops

Cleaning Pad

  • Plush, so holds a lot of water – most absorbent of the cloths/pads
  • Great for sinks and tubs
  • Can be used to absorb moisture (i.e. drying pad for dishes)